Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mark's visit

My brother Mark came for a visit last week. He and his family work for a Christian NGO in Central Asia that provides aviation and communication services for other NGOs. They are back in the US for a couple months to have their second child. Mark was in Spokane doing some flight training, and was able to stop in Seattle for a couple days before heading down to Phoenix to be with his family.

One exciting thing about the visit was that he was able to meet his nephew (my other brother's kid) for the first time.
Liam is almost 1 now. He's pretty darn cute.
Having fish and chips in front of a lighthouse. You can't really get fish where my brother is at, so he was hungry for some.
When we were young, living in Africa, we had a trampoline in our yard and spent countless hours jumping on it. We still do the same when we get near a trampoline. Except now we are quite a bit soarer the following day.
Playing bocce ball at the family BBQ.
It was fun to have my brother for a couple of days. It was also exciting to hear some stories of how God is using aviation where he is located.

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