Selasa, 12 April 2016

Angel and Ayer Island Resort

Angel Island Resort

Holiday packages utilizing Angel Island trip Thousand Islands is an option that carefully. Because there is a humming regarding this island is, fall from heavenly angel humans who walked longer in the beautiful reverie. Angel ria joked met while dancing at the seaside. Crossing the white sand that distinguished each ashes scattered around the beach, laughing joke occasionally accompanied along which spoiled the joke.

Angel Island also serve as one of the few not the least important tourist destinations in the Thousand Islands. Mileage that is only 35 minutes from Ancol if utilizing the speed boat so one of the main conveniences for heading to Angel Island. Naturalization in Angel Island still retained and maintained until so natural blend between forests and oceans that make the weather in Angel Island passable so cool and fresh.

Supported along with distinctive design accommodation Manado, floating cottage wearing a fishing locations, meeting area, a restaurant, a bar, a souvenir shop and a variety of sports facilities such as volleyball, tennis and of course, a kind of water sports jetski and banana boat. Angel Island is ideal for family recreation room, program or For meeting the company's employees.

Ayer Island Resort 

Ayer is one of the island resort that is very popular in the Thousand Islands. Our travel agency travel to Ayer Island Ayer highly recommend you jenguk against dikala For future holidays. Location of Ayer's mouth positioned very very capable in the count For made in family or personal travel locations you.
Travel tools that are in Ayer shockingly can count on because managed in a professional way by the local management. You'll feel classy international services must be able to reply yet you find that traveled to other spaces in the island.

Create Ayer will travel to the island you must wear service travel agency official who remember the island is included also into the private island territory. travel is official who organizes travel services to Pulau Ayer undersell the most economical and the service which was good.